Introduction To Humans In Engineered Systems

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Fully up-to-date coverage of human factors engineering—plus online access to interactive demonstrations and exercises Engineering accomplishments can be as spectacular as a moon landing or as mundane as an uneventful drive to the local grocery store

Important features include Contents organized around the interaction of the human operator with the larger environment to guide the analysis of real-world situations A web-based archive of interactive demonstrations, exercises, and links to additional readings and tools applicable to a range of application domains Web content customizable for focus on particular areas of study or research

Introduction to Humans in Engineered Systems provides historical context for the discipline and an overview of some of the real-world settings in which human engineering has been successfully applied, including aviation, medicine, computer science, and ground transportation

It presents findings on the nature and variety of human-engineering environments, human capabilities and limitations, and how these factors influence system performance

Over the past decade, psychologists and engineers have made great strides in understanding how humans interact with complex engineered systems human engineering

Their failures can be as devastating as a plane crash or a massive oil spill

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